Values and Founder

1. Fast and data driven decision making
Building on sound data is the norm. Many decision are based on assumptions, experience and intuition in order to keep momentum. Being clear about what the grounds are for decisions creates faster and more precise learning.

2. Encouraging debate and avoiding compromise
Encouraging passionate factual disagreement while avoiding consensus creates faster and better learning. The best solutions are often just based on just one side of the argument and requires you to get behind someone else’s idea.

3. Being authentic and good
Bureaucracy and politics are needed when people lack purpose and passion. It slows you down, costs money and decreases quality. Being authentic means embracing mistakes, disagreements and learning in order to fulfil a purpose. Trying to do good  and assuming that other people have good intentions creates positive energy.

Who’s behind – No Paper Menu?
The sole founder of “No Paper Menu” is me – Jacob Notlov. My goal is to create a service that is of substantial benefit to people, especially to those who have some sort of dietary requirement. Read more about the purpose of the company here.

I started working on the idea during my MBA in 2016 and I have since used concepts from the Lean Startup methodology, Value proposition design and focused on user interviews and testing to build the MVP.

All positions are currently held by contractors and agencies. This means that I am the only employee at present. I have waited with recruitment and fundraising until the strategy and the product have become more clearly defined. I feel that I now have enough market and product validation to try a fully functional prototype on users. The first version will be available for beta testers in East London during mid December. Send an email to [email protected] to get an invite to try the prototype.

Recruitment is starting at the jobfair Silicon Milk Roundabout the 25th and 26th of November.

Read more about the roles available here and send an email to [email protected] to apply.


/ Jacob Notlov, [email protected]