An App – Matching you to dishes around you

We match you to dishes in restaurants that fit your diet and your craving for the moment. You can filter based on distance to the restaurant, cost of the dish and cuisine, among other things. It’s turning things around and prioritising the food before the restaurant. It’s everything you ever wanted from a food matching app but never got.

Imagine craving a dish with avocado and tomato and being able to find the best one that costs less than 15 pounds within 10 minutes.

Imagine seeing a list of the best cannelloni dishes in the neighbourhood and choosing the one that has the best ingredients and the best rating.

Imagine a tool that can match you to whatever your heart, wallet and mouth desires.

This is the No Paper Menu App.

Launching – invite only – during the end of January

The app will be available for a small group of testers during January 2018, only working in a small part of East London. Short thereafter the app will be available for invites only. Sign up to get access to the first version, at [email protected]